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16 Apr

In interior designing and decorating a house besides a good architect,funiture it is colour scheme used in different areas that matters. Colour is a very powerful tool that can be used to describe emotions, create illusions in rooms and effects our moods to an extent. When talking of painting a house colour psychology is crucial for a creating a healthy atmosphere inside the home.one can create the illusion of space, with the help of bright colours room spaces appear larger than they are actually. Bright Colours like eggshells and yellow can add beauty to room exterior. Nodoubt white colour can also be used to add spaces but tinted colours are much better.

If you are living in a highly educated people use complex colours for both interiors and exteriors like forest green as well as eggshellwhite. Simple colours where appeal to people with low budget and education level.

Use of Red colour is always recommended in kitchen as it enhance s the appetite that’s why many restaurants choose to have red colour in their dining areas.

In winters shades of red, orange and yellow bring warmth to house inner rooms and appears pleasant to guest from exterior side. If person is planning to paint house in winters this fact must be kept in mind. Where people living in warmer areas can use shades of white and blue for a cool cool look.

Kitchen in house is a special area where food for family is cooked so one can use favorite shades of your childhood to create a pleasant and nostalgic atmosphere. But shades of red with yellow look good in highly sophisticated kitchens.

Bedroom is area meant to relax after a hectic day so always prefer relaxing colours like blue, green and lavender but be particular to choose some dark tinges of these shades for a great effect.

Person having problem of high BP must never use darker shades of red anywhere in house but if at all it is to be used prefer light tinged colours.

It is always suggested not to use red colour in workout areas as it brings sensation of hotness. One can go for blue yellow or green blue colour combination for a bit cooler effect in workout areas.

For the people who have offices in home can opt for green colour as it improves work concentration. Almost all interior designer will tell you that green today is most popular choice of people.

Yellow is a lively colour so can be used in any room particularly in entry of house or front porches as it fills life with lots of good thoughts.

Though Purple is indicates romance, spirituality and abundance but it looks very odd in rooms or any spaces so team it with yellow or green beautiful natural colours for a great look.

Brown is though an earthy colour but it should be used in blended form for a natural look. Yes this colour can cause depression so must be avoided.

Black colour clothes appeal to us but do not use this colour at home because it gives you illusion of closed and tight space.

Pink is a lovely colour and if you have a meditation room paint it with this colour for a startling effect.

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