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16 Apr

It does not matter whether you are moving into a new house or flat or want a change in the looks of your house existing interior decor.It is not feasible to carry out changes in home frequently but with a touch of interior designing tricks, one can add beauty and aesthetic sense to your home.Many times even the small changes significantly bring the greatest impact like changing the color of the room,hanging a new creative painting, putting a new lamp or a beautiful plant or hang an artistic mirror can create wonders.

Interior designing is the art and science of bringing creativeness and a pleasing environment for people who use spaces home or commercial all types.Interior designer is a person who has an eye for innovativeness plans,do research work and manages the projects.It is a misconception among people about interior designing, the true concept is related to planning spaces,inspecting site and construction,execution of designs means it is multifaceted discipline.Interiordesigning can be residential,commercial and variety of other spaces like amusement and theme parks,museums,etc.

Today there are a variety of interior designing tricks available to do the magical transformation in available spaces –

  1. Use lighter shades of paint instead of darker ones to magnify the small spaces,one can have big windows with mirrors can be used for creating optical illusions in even small spaces.dark shades in small spaces give a congested look to the room even if there is plenty of natural light available.
  2. It is advisable to use mirrors large or small size doesnotmatter but place them across the windows to have plenty of natural light in small spaces.One can use decorated mirrors to give a creative look to any space.
  3. If one has old antique furniture of past do not throw it away instead use it with newly purchased furniture. Who said past and present cannot exist together, past has beautiful stories to tell about the person’s personality and style.Present buying also has superb tales about one’s current tastes so mix old and new to create a nostalgic environment in rooms. Now don’t hesitate you can confidently put a painting of Salvador Daliand Monet in the same room trust it will create a magical effect.
  4. Use slipcovers to alter the looks of furniture as per the season looks awesome.One can use them to enhance the looks of furniture also protect it,particularly if children are using the room.Couches covered with white slipcovers look more sophisticated,elegant and classy.
  5. One can use wicker baskets to display a systematic elegance to items stored in rooms.Use these baskets to store magazines,books for a systematic look.it can be used to store towels in the bathroom or keep vegetables and Fruits in the kitchen.These wicker baskets give a systematic look to your room spaces and storage.

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