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19 Apr

Having a nice, cozy and comfortable house is every person’s dream, to fulfill this everyone works hard to fulfill this desire of lifetime. No doubt today most people prefer readymade houses but opting for customized one offers total control over the style, spaces and final finish of house. Custom made houses are made from foundation so there is more freedom to plan for each space and room. Most crucial part is deciding and planning a layout that suits your lifestyle and personality.It must be very clear that the layout of spaces and floor plan affect your peace of mind and happiness. While planning for home design it matters where you are constructing the house urban areas, small cities,towns,villages,near sea or mountain. In big cities spaces are very costly so planning is done accordingly but in case one has good space then there can be more open spaces planned. Particularly houses near sea or hilly area outside spaces can be kept to view the beautiful landscape. But in urban house one cannot go for more open spaces as privacy is also needed. It is good to consult an architect and interior decorator what type of layout will suit you and your selected location as they are experienced enough to offer accurate suggestion. There are many types of house design layout each has its own utility and benefits.

  1. Long rectangular one storey house – Footprint of this rectangular and horizontally is quite simple and suits big plots in small cities, rural areas, hilltop regions or near landscape.Floor plan of this types of home can have varied arrangement of rooms with less formal style layout with rooms that are free flowing. One section can have kitchen, dining areas and living room ,second section can have on either side of space can have master bedroom, other bedrooms ,private office and Drawing room. One main advantage of this layout is there is easy access to outdoors and one room can have an outside opening. But yes most rooms should have provision of front and back view. This layout is best for people who do not want to have stairs.
  2. Split level homes – Split level designs are just perfect for sloping sites and less spaced plots. In these homes inner floor are divided into two or more floor levels. Normally lower level is built above the ground level so as to keep provision of natural sunlight. There are stairs from main entrance and on entering house facility of living room and playroom can be kept. Other stairs lead up to next floor that can contain bedrooms so this type of home layout is compact with clear segregation. Though layout of varied rooms can be kept as per ones choice and needs.
  3. 1.5 storey home – 1.5 storey home is known for its compactness where the upper level of layout is half the size of lower or ground floor. This style of home design.is perfect for small nuclear families, retired couple and this home design can be architect ally given shape if cottage,bungalow,cape code and pueblo.Normally ground floor has a formal floor plan means a master bedroom and drawing rooms. Whereas the space upstairs can have a guest room and bedrooms for family. One advantage of this layout is any additional space can be added in future for growing needs.
  4. Tall narrow three stories – This type of design layout is best suited for densely populated urban areas where land is very expensive or even good option when a landscape is available at a higher level. In this home design there is clear cut division between the spaces as top floor that gives the best view can have living area kitchen and dining room. Middle floor can have bedrooms and a home office where as ground level can be kept for vehicle parking and storage. All floor can be connected with a narrow staircase that takes only narrow space.

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