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20 Apr

Modern Interior design knows the importance of proper lighting in any space home, workplace or any other commercial space. It is an integral part of interior designing concept as it plays a crucial part in how a person experiences the spaces. In any type of spaces there are three basic types of lighting ideas are used Ambient, task and Accent. Proper lighting system in any space enhances a person mood and perception about the space in room. Interior designers are experienced enough to use several types of lighting as per client’s needs and preferences to create a light effect for enhancing the space effect.it is therefore crucial to understand the use of each type of lighting and how to integrate them in planning lighting in any room.

Let us analyze the three types or layers of lighting –

1. General lights is the first layer of lights that are used for lighting up and illuminate the different spaces.These lights fulfill the basic necessity of illuminating spaces so that user can move conveniently in the rooms and houses. To meet this need Recessed ceiling lights and overhead light fixtures can meet the needs easily. Wall mounted lights known as ambient lighting and it is better to use dimmers to adjust the lighting effect as per the requirement of person.

2.  Second type of lighting is used by interior designer is task lighting for specific purpose. It is task of interior designer to evaluate what types of activities will be carried out in particular areas of rooms to access the right amount of light availability in room. Task light main work is to give accurate amount of light on areas that need proper lights like kitchen counters. These lights are also used in bathroom dressing mirrors, reading tables in children or any room and even next to beds to improve the visibility.

Third type and layer of lighting is Accent lighting that are used today to highlight certain elements in rooms like a painting,sculpture, bookcase,an architecture feature or a textured wall .Track lights ,chandeliers and picture lights are best example of accent lights.

While planning for lighting effects it is must to take expert help of interior designer to have perfect mix of these three lighting layers to have a relaxing and soothing effect at home.

Lighting is an integral part of the interior design because accurate mix of it will improve the architect uniqueness of room.An accurate lighting system makes room space warm, relaxing and functionally better. It enhances the beauty of everything in any area from color used to furniture placed, flooring to fittings on walls. It is better to take professional help of interior designer to use accurate types of lights to add beauty in any room or space it is used .If the selection of light is good then there will be balance between the beauty and functional utility of rooms.

While choosing lights for a room there is four elements that must be considered –

1.  In basement or rooms where natural light is not sufficient then besides central lights, table lamps, wall lights can be a solution. Table and Picture lights can be used to have sufficient light on areas that need light. In bathrooms where there is no provision of natural light specifically designed bathroom lights certainly help provide natural look.

2. Rooms with dark color look cramped so it is good to use big ceiling lights along with directional bulbs can make space illuminated. Where as in rooms with light colors one can use soft wall lights or recessed lights make room appear more natural.

3. If room size is smaller and natural light is less then corner lamps with proper ceiling light can change the look of room.

4. People having dark color furniture should opt for bright chandelier type lights to give illusion of more open space. But room with lighter color furniture looks livelier with nice stylish wall and picture lights can add grace to room.

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