Principles of Interior Designing rp constructions
23 Apr

Talking about interior designing first thing that come to mind whether it is an art or science but one can say with surety that it is both. Interior designing is an art because aim is always to create pleasant and relaxing environment in any type of spaces home or commercial it is a science because there are rules of architect angels of projectile.

It is a misconception among people that interior designing is just decorating a house or an office rather it is way to think creatively and innovatively. All interior designers follow a set of informal rules that are based on principles and elements.

Every interior designer work smartly to balance design elements like space, form, light, color, texture and line. Before interior designing any room or space an interior designer will analyze the room on basis of these principles and then various elements are used to enhance the features or lessen the flaws of space.

1. Space is the first element and it means physical boundary of room. It is a concept that is very crucial to understand because all interior designers know the fact that spaces cannot be conveniently altered so it is best to take advantage of the space available. Spaces are of two types positive and negative, positive means space where objects are kept and negative means gap between objects. Every interior designer works smartly to balance negative and positive spaces in a room means too much overcrowding or too much emptiness must be avoided.

2. Line – Line is the second element in interior designing there are horizontal, vertical and dynamic lines which gives aesthetic sense to room. Every interior designer highlights the horizontal lines to make room looks more spacious, vertical lines like doors and windows are used accurately & diagonal lines capture the attention of customer. For a room to appear aesthetically good all these lines must be perfect balance.

3. Form – Form is the third element it can be geometric and natural. One thing that is important to see with form elements is the before placing any objects in the room proportion of room must be taken care. There must be adequate balance in placing similar shapes to create harmony, but using too many different shapes can look really weird.

4. Light – Light is the most crucial element in any room and interior designing light used are task lighting, accent lighting and mood lighting. Besides the functional purpose light gives a relaxing atmosphere in a room so every experienced interior designer knows that adequate mix of lighting can enhance the beauty of any room.

5. Color – Color is very crucial element that every interior designer pays attention colors are linked to human psychology like green and blue are calm colors are fit for bedroom, red color is often more suited to kitchen as it increases the appetite.

All the elements of the interior designing are very important and always taken care while doing interior designing for hotel rooms, house, offices, restaurants these principles are always used by interior designer, because of their significance.

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